Family Camp ~ How to not treat your kid!

Nathan Pearl and his dad had fun throwing knifes. Well, I guess his dad had a lot of fun!

Nathan’s dad is a champion knife thrower. He is the standard that others use to measure their abilities.

Speaking of standards. What is the standard that God will use to judge us? Well, we have the Ten Commandments but who among us can keep them throughout our life. If we have broken one of the commandments God says we have broken them all.

It doesn’t matter if we have hidden our sins from others, God knows. He sees it all ~ it is all recorded. One day we will give an account for the things done on this earth. There is none righteous ~ not even one.

If there is none righteous then how can we get to heaven? It is Jesus and his sacrifice that brings us to salvation, that grants us forgiveness for our sins. If you have not received the free gift that Jesus Christ is offering I implore you to do so today.


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