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Sometimes missions are public ~ where everyone can see but the truth is that most of the time our work for the Lord is behind the scenes where very few, perhaps no one, take notice. That thought reminds me of people like Jerit. He has run the sound and multi-media for the Family Camp. He has never been up front; he hasn’t shared any messages; yet without him no one would have been encouraged by this Family Camp. His work has been the glue that has brought all the preparation to the people.

It is rare that we make big steps, big decisions, that change the course of our life and the lives of others. It is the accumulation of small individual steps that when added together make a big impact on the lives of many. Thanks Jerit!

I have used Good and Evil to reach the lives of hundreds, perhaps thousands, with the Gospel. Tonight I am listening to testimony of the artist who drew the artwork ~ a man from the Philippines. I am floored by his simple, humble heart and his love for Jesus. I only hope that I can follow in his footsteps and become a simple man with a humble heart who has a deep love for Jesus.

The vision was born out of the need by Nathan and Rebecca Pearl to reach the people of the tribe where they were working. That vision has grown into a tool that many have used to reach the lost for Jesus Christ.

TJ is working in Laos ~ where Buddhism reigns. Someone needs to tell people about Jesus. TJ is going to towns where he has never been, to talk to a man he has never meet, who speaks a language he doesn’t know and tell him about Jesus. Good and Evil is touching the people there in the same way that it has touched many in Mexico. Since missionaries are not allowed in his country, he has opened a little shop ~ earning a little money and sharing the Gospel along the way. TJ has learned an important lesson ~ you need to live among the people to really impact their lives.

Is it worth our life to impact just a few. Yes, a million times yes! Our life here is just a vapor…

Reach the lost no matter the cost.

My heart’s prayer is Luke 10:2. “Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.”

It takes a team of people to reach the lost ~ some go ~ some tell ~ some help ~ all should be praying!

Mexico and every other country is ripe for the harvest. God told us so! The harvest is ripe! The problem is that the laborers are few! We must get on our knees and pray that God will send forth workers to the harvest. If we pray many will get involved. If you begin to pray regularly for missions God will begin to open your mind for creative ways to share the Gospel with the lost. Take the example of Jared who has sent the Good and Evil books into the middle east through the web in PDF format to over 400 people today alone.

Joshua and Caleb never said that the report of the ten was false, but had a totally different perspective. They did not focus on the “hows”, but on “who”. The Lord is with us. He will protect us. He will give us the victory. He will give us the courage and strength to overcome.

“Cannot” is a phrase that should encourage us rather than intimidate us. Instead of being an “I cannot” kind of man, become a “yes I can” kind of man.

Always remember, “I can all things through Christ who strengths me.”

Today God is giving us the opportunity to renew our enthusiasm and our passion for him and for his will. What can we not do? What are we afraid of?

There is one thing we cannot afford to do ~ remain where we are and how we are. There is one thing that we should fear, there is one thing that should terrify us—to not obey God.

God has called us to a great task, for him, let us renew our enthusiasm and passion. We are called to be a torch, a light, in the middle of a world full of darkness and violence.

God’s question has never been, “What can I do to make people hear my message?” Instead it is, “Who can I send, who will go?

Will you step up to the plate and become all that you can become for God?




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    Bob Slayman says

    Amen right on brother good words!

  2. REPLY
    Heidi Goerl says

    Yes, Yes, and yes, again. Great challenges for all of us!

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