Family Camp ~ The Mysteries of the Female Mind

A man has the power to build up or devastate his wife.

A woman craves relational intimacy while a man desires companionship. Romance is about feeling valued. Romance says, “You are worth it.”

A real man will offer emotional safety and relational security to his wife and children.

Since women are more vulnerable, a man must care for her and be considerate of her ~ giving special honor to her. I Peter 3:7.

Is it not from the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks? If your mouth is damaging the relationship with your wife ~ examine your heart.

Women are not from Mars and men are not from Venus, we were both created in the image of God. It is not impossible to understand your wife. It is not impossible to understand your husband. Seek God with your whole heart; when you understand your heart and your security in him, then you will be in a place where you can truly understand your spouse ~ the deep inner aspects of their being and their character.

Emotions are real; feelings are real; don’t devastate your wife by making light of your wife’s feelings ~ grow to understand them. Go the extra mile; go the extra ten miles if you need to do so.

Do what it takes to love your wife with your whole heart. Do what it takes to know and understand your wife. Do what it takes to love your wife like Jesus loved you.




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