One more oportunity…

We had two meetings with at Blue Ridge yesterday. I was also able to visit Don Darling and his wife Phoebe for several hours. They are an older couple who have done many things for the Lord. It was a big encouragement to me to spend so much time with him.

The kids were involved with various activities; they returned home excited but tired.

Today we joined Blue Ridge Bible Church for four exciting meetings and fellowship with some wonderful people.

Monday evening at 7:00pm I will be speaking at an international missions prayer meeting. That will be the last time, on this trip, that I will be speaking in the northern Virginia area.

If you live close by the Purcellville area call 703.327.8738 for direction to the meeting. Mike will be sharing how the Lord called him to Mexico and of the aspects of the work that God is doing in Mexico.


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    Francisco Lopez Rodriguez says

    God bless you all

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    Heidi Goerl says

    Looks like I could have walked into the room in the picture and felt right at home! A picture IS better than 1,000 words in some ways. This one really show your unity in fellowship and your happiness in the Lord. Will read your other news stories next. Good looking website.

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