John Desaulniers, Jr.

Based in Des Moines, Iowa, John works with VNMinistries as Communications Director. John and his wife, Diane, are graduates of Moody Bible Institute. They have four grown children whom they homeschooled, two wonderful in-laws, and one adorable grandchild.

The Desaulniers were part of inner-city churches in Chicago until John was called to a full-time pastorate at a small suburban church. When the finances became challenging for the little congregation, John became bi-vocational and returned to Moody Bible Institute to work in their book and video departments; he continued to work in that industry for over thirty years.

The Desaulniers helped to plant a Spanish-speaking church in north central Iowa in the 1990’s as an outreach from their English-speaking congregation. John served as worship leader for both congregations, and on occasion preached for the Spanish service, with an interpreter. Moving to the Des Moines area in 2002, John began again bi-vocationally pastoring in 2005 and is currently working through JD Market Services, LLC.

John’s friendship with the Richardsons, his passion for mission and ministry, and his love for the Lord are all reasons he has joined the VNMinistries team. His hope is that he can work to expand the knowledge of this ministry and its focus to others in the United States, building a larger base of prayer and financial supporters as God continues to reach families for Christ in Mexico and the Spanish-speaking world. He has not only been instrumental in setting up the new eGiving system but has also brought the Richardsons and VNMinistries out of virtual isolation by keeping friends and supporters informed on the current situations in Mexico and the work of VNMinistries.

Twila Bradford

Twila first read about the Richardson family and VNMinistries through an article in the HSLDA magazine in 2002. After moving to south Texas she hoped she would someday make their acquaintance. She and her husband were very encouraged about God’s work through them in Mexico. God allowed them to meet the Richardsons and to also have them speak in a conference at the church where her husband was the pastor.

In 2012 her husband passed away very unexpectedly. At that time she still had three of her four children at home. She began working part-time at a mission organization where her husband had served as well as working with VNMinistries—handling USA financial responsibilities. She rejoices and praises the Lord and prays for each donor as she sees the various donations arrive for VNMinistries. She also delights in the fellowship with the Richardson and the Moss families. God has used what she calls “a little part in this ministry” in a big way. Twila is currently being treated for cancer. Please pray for her and her recovery process.

Ashley Mason

Ashley Mason grew up in northern Virginia. As a baby her Dad would rock her to sleep every night while telling her about Jesus. At 19 years old God opened her eyes to her need of a Savior. In 2012, a young missionary couple visited her church and told the young people, “You need to get your passports because you never know where God will send you.” Just a few months later, with her passport in hand, she was happy but a little restless wondering what God might do in her life.

In November she felt God was asking her, “If I call you, would you be willing to go?” A few weeks later her Dad told her that the Richardsons were in the USA visiting family. She told him, “I think I can go now.” Although she had never met them, her family has supported VNMinistres since she was ten. She had dreamed of going to Mexico for many years. With that she sent Mike an email.

In his typical style, Mike called and spoke with her for a few minutes and then asked, “Are you ready to leave tomorrow?” After a few seconds of deafening silence, she responded, “Yes.” While she didn’t leave the next day, within a week Pam picked her up in Virginia. Her heart was quickly intertwined with the Mexican people and its culture. Her love for the people whom she serves is obvious to all who meet her. Ashley returned home a few days ago to help her mother while she is recovering from back problems. Her desire is to return as soon as possible.