At Vida Nueva Ministries, we fully believe God is our provider. We know He will supply all our needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Therefore, our desire is never to push anyone to give by our own persuasion. But rather, our desire is to implore all those who follow our ministry to pray for us, and as you pray, to be sensitive to the Lord’s leading. If you so feel led, we are very grateful for every sacrificial donation to our ministry, and we hope you are blessed in turn! You can give safely on our site here on this page.

Another way to get involved outside of giving monetarily is volunteering to serve with us and helping us do all that we do down here in Mexico. If this is something you feel called or inclined to do, contact us! We would love to give you more information about the roles we need filled and the ways we could really use an extra hand. Thank you! And feel free to email our team anytime here on this page.

Below are some of the needs and dreams we currently have. These are always subject to change as we make progress, but through it all, Mike and his family work hard and strategize to stretch every dollar to maximize possibilities and wisely steward the blessings God has given them.

Building Needs

We have the space for people to camp, but we do not yet have all the infrastructure we need. We need to set up picnic areas, clear underbrush and level out camp sites.

While picnic tables and outdoor grills are not a need, they would be nice to have and would make the camping experience more fun. Ultimately, we want our property as welcoming as possible for visitors, and this is a major way to do that.

There is a cabin on our property that needs remodeling to be usable. It has five rooms: a living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. While some rooms are nicer than others, the entire cabin is in need of a thorough renovation. The roof needs replacing, the windows need replacing, and the walls need repair. People have lived in it in the past, but in its current condition, it is distinctly uninviting. It would be nice to have the structure repaired, along with re-wiring and plumbing repair. When finished, it will house a family or two while cabin camping.

Two one-room log cabins sit near the church; both are in need of repair. The metal roof needs replacing, the walls need chinking again, and some of the logs need replacing. Since the cabins are decades old they do need some work.

The cabins are very much like the one we lived in during their first seven years in the valley.

Both cabins were a primary home until we purchased the property for a family camp a few years ago. They were vacant for three years until one of our single missionaries has moved into one of them and has begun the repair process on it ~ turning it into his own home.

When completed they will make very nice rustic cabin camp sites for families who do not own tents and other camping gear.

A gazebo type structure sits on the southern corner of the property.

In its current state, with an asbestos roof, it is not usable. Our hope is to tear it down and then use the foundation and build a comfortable and cozy cottage on it with large windows on the southern walls so the families will have a clear view of the eastern end of the valley as well as allowing the early corning sunlight to peak in and gently wake them up for the day’s activities.

Our driveway is in bad shape. The mountainous terrain combined with the rains make it difficult to scraped and smooth. When it rains, water from the houses runs down the drive and erodes deep ruts making it difficult to drive on or keep up.

After evaluation, we decided that moving the driveway to the side of the houses as well as paving the new drive would significantly improve the situation.

We have a lot of animals and a lot of fencing material, but no fences. A team could help dig holes, put in posts, and stretch fencing to help not only mark out our property lines, but also make a pens for animals. While most of the projects need more funds to complete, we already have a lot of fence here ~ ready to install. So here is a project that we can finish as soon as we have a helping hand.

Prayer Requests

  • The Richardsons while they are traveling in the USA.
  • That Mike will be able to find another van for the church while traveling.
  • That God would give Mike and Pam wisdom in training their children.
  • That God would help the men of La Iglesia de Baratillo work and lead their families.
  • Resources for construction of additional buildings on the family camp.
  • Funds for the purchase of additional land for the family camp.
  • Homeschool conference in Mexico City.
  • Richardson family travel during the upcoming months. 

Vida Nueva Ministries was founded in the early 90’s to bring the hope and light of Jesus Christ to the Mexican people and the Spanish-speaking world. It is our desire to equip and build the Christian family, and advance the Kingdom of God in this culture. We would like to personally thank you for all of your prayers and support!