man reading bible in a church

The people of La Iglesia de Baratillo are a generous people! It is always enthralling to see someone with what seems like so little give so much, and yet that is the everyday reality among these people. Our church was built with most of the labor and most of the cost coming from the local people until the finishing of the building when we received outside support in completing tiling, bathrooms, etc. One US church helped us for 10 days during the 11 month building program. Two Mexican churches also helped us. And we paid two men to help us part of the time. But most of the work was our family and the generous local people.

We currently average about 25 people every Sunday. On a good service we might get up to 40. On holidays we might have lots of visitors since we have an older congregation and could have 60 or more. When Ken Ham spoke at the church, we had over 150! However, while it is true that La Iglesia de Baratillo is currently small in number, it is large in heart and faith!

Our rural church sends support to missionaries in 3 other countries, including Romania, Kenya, and Chihuahua, Mexico. This beloved flock understands that evangelism and discipleship doesn’t just happen “over there,” but also close to home as well. With this in mind, we are praying about and planning to begin a permanent outreach to a neighboring town, San Juan de Delores, as soon as the Lord opens the doors to purchase land in this village. Though we meet for worship and fellowship in a canyon, our vision is global! We want to see revival sweep through Mexico and all of Latin America!

Would you join us in prayer? It is our desire that new leaders would be raised up within the church; that God would help us to reach the lost in our area and reach out to those beyond our local area. Would you pray for the children in our church and for the sick among us? We have members with lung cancer, tuberculosis, MS, glaucoma and other major illnesses that need medical attention and God’s supernatural grace. Above all, would you take a moment and pray for the families here in Baratillo and the surrounding area? It is our desire to see godly young men and women come together to start families, and to see the next generation raised up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Pray for the culture here and pray for the culture wherever you call home, so that the places we live and the places we love might increasingly reflect the culture of Heaven.

Vida Nueva Ministries was founded in the early 90’s to bring the hope and light of Jesus Christ to the Mexican people and the Spanish-speaking world. It is our desire to equip and build the Christian family, and advance the Kingdom of God in this culture. Thank you for all of your prayers and support!