In the early 90’s shortly after the Richardsons arrived in Mexico they founded El Hogar Educador (The Home Educator) in order to help families. This ministry flourished and it wasn’t long before Mike was widely known as the Father of Latin American Homeschool movement. While Mike, himself, would not accept this title as a reality, it has opened the doors throughout Mexico for him to preach and teach on all topics related to the family.

He maintains a tough and rigorous preaching schedule in addition to pastoring the congregation that he and Pam founded up in the mountains. In 2015 Mike preached over 300 times in Spanish in Mexico. In 2016 he will have nearly as many opportunities to reach out and touch lives in Mexico with the Gospel.

Mike and Pam’s hearts are in Mexico. This fact is evidenced by the amount of time that they spend there. They have never taken a furlough in order to travel throughout the USA to raise money or to take a break from the ministry.

Mike did mention that seventeen years ago, just before starting the church that they took six weeks off to visit family and friends as well as a few churches. Mike says that harvest is ripe is ripe in Mexico for its people and its families and that he must be about his Father’s business and that it is for that reason that he cannot afford to spend more than a few weeks in USA.

Despite Mike’s dedication to the Lord and his work, he has determined to meet the needs of his family. It is for that reason that he always travels with members of his family and takes time out to see things and do things with along the way.

Vida Nueva Ministries was founded in the early 90’s to bring the hope and light of Jesus Christ to the Mexican people and the Spanish-speaking world. It is our desire to equip and build the Christian family, and advance the Kingdom of God in this culture. Thank you for all of your prayers and support!