Vida Nueva Ministries

Vida Nueva Ministries­­ (which means “New Life” in Spanish) was founded in the 1990’s by the Richardsons to serve Spanish speaking people throughout the world offering new life through the Lord Jesus Christ.


    The week before our first baptism, God was working in the lives and hearts of several people. Lucio is a dear Christian brother who was experiencing tremendous growth in his relationship with the Lord.

    He was leading the Bible memory time and praying during the services. His prayers were simple and sweet. You can tell that he is talking to someone whom he knows well. On the Sunday before the baptism, Lucio publicly told his sister that he was sorry for the way that he had treated her before he was saved.

    That afternoon God was also working in his sister’s life. When Lucio and I visited her, the conversation turned to one of her daughters. They had not spoken in more than four years. That day she was determined to make things right.

    When mother and daughter embraced for the first time in many years you could see God’s grace and his goodness reaching out to both of them. They were both crying tears of joy and asking forgiveness.

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    All of VNMinistries’ outreach efforts have one thing in common—families. A natural outgrowth of the ongoing church, homeschool, and evangelism work was to build a “family camp”—a place where fathers could bring their families to get away from the cramped, violent city life and spend time together as a family.

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