Why Vida Nueva Ministries

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Vida Nueva means “New Life”! When Mike and his family became missionaries to Mexico, they strongly believed Vida Nueva Ministries was not only a new life for them, but that this ministry would introduce many to a new life in Jesus Christ! The Richardsons came to Mexico in 1993 and started their new life in full-time ministry serving the Spanish-speaking people in Monterey, and their unrelenting focus since has been advancing the Kingdom of God in Mexico and Latin America.

Twenty-three years later, Mike and Pam, along with their children, live in a small village in the mountainous areas of Monterrey, Mexico with a heart for the people who surround them—from the mountains to the surrounding valleys and beyond.

The defining mark of Vida Nueva is a ministry to families. Mike and his family believe in ministering to entire family units and not just to individuals. They believe in the intrinsic value of strong families, and the cultural impact of Christian values showcased in God’s original design, the family. Vida Nueva celebrates God-fearing couples, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, and consider it a privilege to serve these families and equip them to go out and change the culture and lay the foundation for future generations.

Seven thousand five hundred feet above sea level, Baratillo is nestled near the top of the Sierra Madre Mountains where The Richardsons now live and work. Mike and his family get to do life with many of the people from their church and their vision continues to burn for reaching Spanish-speaking families throughout Latin America.

Local Ministry

Because the Richardsons believe in holistic ministry, they understand it takes a unique approach. Mike founded La Iglesia de Baratillo near the village of Baratillo within Coahuila, Mexico in 1998 to preach the gospel and serve the local people. They also host a series of family camps on an adjacent property “up the mountain,” where they are developing a sprawling campus of cabins and community spaces where families and missionaries from afar can come to visit and rest.

Multi-National Outreach

Mike also founded El Hogar Educador, a three-page bulletin that was being sent to seventy families and was designed to help train and encourage Christian parents to educate and homeschool their children with godly values. It grew to become a bimonthly, color magazine being sent free of charge throughout Mexico, Latin America and the world, reaching over 6,500 households in 29 countries. The last issue of the magazine went to families in all the states in Mexico, as well as twenty-eight other countries. Through its diverse outreach methods, Vida Nueva Ministries has reached well over 12,000 families a month through print and web based publications. Furthermore, Mike Richardson travels through Latin America and the US preaching the gospel, building the Christian family, and advocating for Christ-centered life.