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After coming to Mexico, the Richardson’s began to meet a few families from all over the country who were teaching their children at home. They all had one thing in common. They were struggling because of a lack of Christian education material and parent resources in Spanish. Having taught their children at home since 1986, Mike and Pam felt the Lord was directing them to help these families. In 1996, they began publishing El Hogar Educador, a three-page bulletin for Christ-centered homeschooling.

At the time, it was being sent to seventy families and was designed to help train and encourage Christian parents who were committed to training their children to be godly young men and women. It grew to become a bimonthly, color magazine being sent free of charge throughout Mexico, Latin America and the world, reaching over 6,500 households in 29 countries. The list of families continued to grow every single week, and the Richardson’s have organized and spoken at many national homeschool conferences throughout Mexico.

The Lord led them to not charge for the magazine or conferences. As a result of the generosity of some Christian brothers, we have been able to share with many families—helping them purchase their school materials. Here is just one of the thank-you letters that we have received:

First, I would like to say that I am very grateful that God has called us to home school our children. I must confess that sometimes I have felt that I can’t do it, but God gives us the grace that we need. There is so much that I have learned that I need to apply in my life. All the testimonies that I have heard encourage me to continue. Sometimes I think that I am the only one that suffers and has financial problems, but hearing the testimonies of others encourages me to continue and increases my faith.

When we told our son that we would begin to home school him this year. (He is in the fourth grade.) He thought that we would buy him his materials. We explained to him that we didn’t have the money, and that we were going to the conference for spiritual blessings only. We just barely had enough gas in the car to get there. He was sad, but he understood. When we got to the registration table and found the envelope with the donation in it, we couldn’t believe it. We had never received a donation before.

We had prayed to God and told him that if it were his will for us to have materials that he would have to supply them. We had thought that it was not his will. We were enthusiastic and very joyful to be able to hear the conference. We thank the Lord for allowing us to make the decision to home school, for the conference and for the donation. It was a great blessing.

Blessings and thanks from all my heart for those who gave it to me. Pray for us – that God will give us grace, wisdom, and provision to continue. May God bless you.    Salvador and Felipa

The Lord has given the Richardson’s a vision for serving families in every Spanish-speaking country in the world through the resources that they are producing. While the publication of El Hogar Educador has been temporarily suspended, it is our hope and prayer that we will be able to resume in the near future in new and exciting ways.

Vida Nueva Ministries was founded in the early 90’s to bring the hope and light of Jesus Christ to the Mexican people and the Spanish-speaking world. It is our desire to equip and build the Christian family, and advance the Kingdom of God in this culture. Thank you for your prayers and support!